Association of Nihon Ken [UK] Code of Ethics

All members are required to uphold the Code of Ethics. Failure to comply with the Code of Ethics may result in expulsion from the Association of Nihon Ken and any affiliated resources.

Members agree to:

~ When promoting any of the Nihon Ken breeds at any event, to conduct themselves in a professional, responsible manner that promotes the breed and the club in a positive way.

~ Never knowingly misrepresent their breed or any other Nihon Ken breed, give false information or misinform any interested party on health issues, health testing or the quality of a dog.

~ Actively promote their breed wherever possible.

~ Assist in the promotion of the Club and its aims if they have the ability to do so.

~ Be aware of and keep up-to-date with, all laws and regulations concerning the owning and welfare of dogs.

~ Avoid using training techniques that employ forceful punishment or training tools that may cause fear, undue stress or injury to the animal.

~ Acquire pet insurance (at minimum, public liability cover is required in order to attend any ANK associated event) or be in possession of a monetary assets to provide adequate and emergency healthcare for any animal in their care.

~ Support the ethical breeding of health tested dogs and ethical rehoming of rescue dogs.

~ Not allow any dog in their care to roam unchecked, cause harm to any other animal due to straying or inadequate training, or cause a nuisance to neighbours, farmers or the general public.

~ Follow rules and regulations set by their local authorities or in any area in which they visit with their dog/s.

~ Ensure their dogs wear properly tagged collars and are microchipped with the correct details.

~ Ensure their dogs are kept leashed or under control in any public place.

~ Abide by the ‘5 Freedoms’ which fall under the Animal Welfare Act 2006:
Freedom from hunger and thirst
Freedom from discomfort
Freedom to express (most) natural, normal behaviour
Freedom from pain, injury, or disease
Freedom fear or distress

~ Not sell any dog to commercial enterprises or pet shops and follow the contract set out by the breeder upon the sale of their puppy whenever possible.

~ The ANK complies with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Code of Professional Conduct for Veterinary Nurses, and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Code of Professional Conduct for Veterinary Surgeons, and does not serve as a diagnosis platform, or a substitute for veterinary advice. The ANK only serves an an information platform for health issues relating to each Nihon Ken Breed. Members must not use our information in favour of veterinary advice.

~ Not seek out members of the Committee requesting advice or diagnosis relating to injury or other health-related issues. Such correspondence will be ignored or the individual will be advised to seek professional veterinary advice. Members are encouraged to share their experiences of health related issues with their dogs but are expected to seek professional help and not risk the health of their pet based on others opinions, no matter their experience or qualification.