Statement of Intent

The aims of this club will be to:

1. Provide a platform for owners and enthusiasts of the Nihon Ken breeds to share knowledge, experience and information.

2. Promote and exhibit the Nihon Ken breeds where possible.

3. Provide a point of contact for interested parties which will seek to match those parties with current and relevant breed-specific information and, where possible, owners and mentors involved with that breed.

4. Promote the welfare requirements of the Nihon Ken breeds and uphold all of its members to those requirements.

5. To endeavour to assist in the rescue, assessment, foster and rehoming of any of the four medium-sized Nihon Ken breeds (Shikoku, Kai, Kishu & Hokkaido) who do not yet have their own breed specific rescues.

These are non-exclusive and may be added to at a later date.

The aim of this club is not to gain recognition at this time, but to provide a collaborative effort in order to get the Nihon Ken breeds exposure to the general public, which they need to move forward towards recognition in the future. This club will not govern or seek to govern the breeding, breed standards or mandatory health testing of any breed – this will be up to the individual breed clubs to decide upon their eventual creation - but will provide relevant information as to the breed standards currently upheld by the FCI and the UK Kennel Club (Akita Inu and Shiba Inu only).

The Association of Nihon Kens’ primary purpose is to educate, and promote the Nihon Ken breeds within the UK by attending shows and events, holding meet and greets with the breeds, and providing clear, and accurate information on each breed to the general public. We aim for the ANK website to be a place that owners and enthusiasts can share their information on what it is like to live with these primitive breeds. Aside from the Shiba Inu, and the Akita Inu, whom are recognized by the United Kingdom Kennel Club, the remaining Nihon Ken breeds are not.

There is no need to own a Nihon Ken breed, a love and passion for any of the Nihon Ken breeds is the only requirement for membership! Membership is currently free (subject to change in the future) and will include access to a newsletter, as well as the opportunity to attend events and shows with the club, as well as share experienced of being owned by a Nihon Ken!

The Association of Nihon Ken is not a canine rescue, however we aim to assist in any way we can to make sure Nihon Ken are rehomed safely and appropriately.