Association of Nihon Ken [UK] Constitution

Part 1


1.1 The name of the club will be the Association of Nihon Ken [UK] or referred to with the acronym ANK.

Part 2

Aims and Objective of the Club

2.1 Provide a platform for owners and enthusiasts to share knowledge, experience and information.

2.2 Promote and exhibit the Nihon Ken breeds by setting up Meet The Breed stands at events, organising Meet and Greets and by use of Social Media.

2.3 Provide a point of contact for interested parties and guide them to relevant information as well as, where possible, put them in contact with owners and mentors in that breed.

2.4 To promote responsible dog ownership and the specific welfare requirements of the Nihon Ken breeds.

2.4 To assist (where possible) in the research of any relevant health issues of a genetic predisposition within the Nihon Ken breeds.

2.5 To assist (where possible) in the rescue, assessment, foster and rehome of the four medium-sized Nihon Ken breeds (Shikoku, Kishu, Kai & Hokkaido) who do not yet have their own breed specific rescues and provide a point of contact for owners who are thinking about rehoming their dog.

2.6 This Club is not-for-profit and no monetary assets bought on behalf of, or in conjunction with the club will be used for the financial benefit of one individual.

Part 3

The Committee

3.1 The Committee will be formed of the Club’s members and will represent the will of the Club and not that of any individual.

3.2 With the exception of the Founding Committee (January 2019), applicants to the Committee will be elected into their roles by the members of the ANK by online vote.

3.3 The Committee will consist of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Registration / Memberships Officer, with a minimum of three individuals actively serving in these roles at any one time. A Committee representative may hold more than one role if there are no suitable applicants for the role at that time. There is no restriction on the maximum number of Committee members.

3.4 In lieu of a members’ vote, should the existing Committee feel that the need to fill a role is paramount, they may induct a member into that role without the approval of the members. Members are encouraged to file any disagreement they may have with the filling of the role with the Chairperson.

3.5 The roles of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Registration / Memberships Officer will be held for a period of four years, after which the members may be re-elected to hold that role.

3.6 Other Committee members will serve for a two year period, after which they may be re-elected.

3.7 Any Committee member may submit their resignation at any time by forwarding a written letter to the Chairperson. If they are serving in the position of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer or Registrations / Memberships Officer, they will be required to formally hand over their role and any supporting documents to the Committee.

3.8 Committee meetings will be called when required to discuss any important issues arising within the club. The Committee members will otherwise keep each other up to date via online communications.

3.9 Any motion passed must be accepted by at least three Committee Members. If a tie is held, the Chairperson will cast the deciding vote except in situations where a significant bias may be perceived.

3.10 Committee Responsibilities
The Chairperson will be responsible for the running of Committee meetings and ensuring that this constitution is upheld.
The Chairperson will act as a mediator between and disputing parties.
The Chairperson is responsible for ensuring that all other Committee members are performing their jobs adequately and correctly.
In the absence of the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson will take on the responsibilities listed above.
The Secretary is responsible for writing an agenda for Committee meeting and will be assisted by the Chairperson.
The Secretary is responsible for noting important decisions made by the Committee during meetings and writing minutes to record the proceedings.
The Treasurer’s responsibility is to keep clear and precise accountings of all financial income and outgoings of the club as well as to document any assets belonging to the club.

Part 4


4.1 Membership to the ANK will remain free until such time as it becomes relevant to offer paid membership. This is to encourage people to join and get involved.

4.2 Membership can be terminated at any time in the following ways:
By tendering resignation in writing to the Chairperson
By lapsing - a membership will be considered as lapsed and will be terminated if the member has not confirmed their wish to remain in the Club a maximum of 30 days after their membership has expired.
By expulsion - any member may have their membership revoked by the Committee (see section 5).

4.3 Registry of Members
The Committee must keep an up-to-date register of members.
The Registry must contain the following information:
~Full name and address
~Date of membership acceptance
Any personal data collected by the Club will be kept in accordance with all data protection laws, will comply with GDPR, and will not be divulged to any party outside of the relevant Committee members for any reason without the full written consent of the individual.

4.4 Members will be kept up to date on the progress of the Club and any decisions that are made by the Committee which may affect its members.

Part 5

The Expelling of Members and Committee Members

5.1 Should a members’ conduct or behaviour been seen as detrimental to the Club, or infringing the rules of the Club or its Constitution in the view of the Committee, that member may face expulsion from the ANK.

5.2 The member will be invited to submit any evidence or plea in writing to the Chairperson and will be given every opportunity to speak in defence of their actions. A meeting may be held via an online platform to discuss the actions of the member, to which the member may be present.

5.3 1 month’s notice will be given to the member, with details of any and all charges put against them, to give them time to formulate their defence and gather any necessary evidence.

5.4 A vote will be held by all attending Committee members, and, should the member be found in breach of the ANK’s rules, Constitution or Code of Ethics, the Committee may exercise their right to ban the member from conducting any activity within the ANK.

5.5 Any member expelled by the Committee is not due any refund for assets purchased or donations paid to the club during their time as a member. Any documents they hold must be returned.

5.6 Committee members are under the same expulsion rules as regular members. However, they may be expelled from their role in the Committee but allowed to continue being a regular member depending on the severity of the case.

Part 6

Amendments to the Constitution

6.1 Amendments may not be made to the Constitution without the majority vote of the Committee and majority vote of its current members.

6.2 Additions may be made to the Constitution if the Committee decides that the Constitution is not wholly indicative of the procedures of the Club.

Part 7

Code of Ethics

7.1 All members and Committee members agree to honour the Code of Ethics. This is a live document and may be edited to reflect current issues.

7.2 Any amendments or additions to the Code of Ethics will be announced to its members via Social Media and webmail.

Part 8

Dissolving of the Club and its Assets

8.1 The ANK may be dissolved at any time with the written consent of no less than 60% of its current members. In the event of the dissolution of the Club, none of its assets - financial or physical - will be distributed to its members or Committee members.

8.2 Assets - financial or physical - may be used to pay of any debt the Club has accumulated, after this, any remainder will be donated to a charitable cause of the Committee’s choosing, for the benefit of dogs.

8.3 A final statement will be made available to all members.